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to buy and donate Kohl's Cares stuffed
animals to local fire departments
to bring children comfort in times of
The 50 acts of kindness, while strength-
ening the West Hartford community,
has also brought the staff closer to-
gether in unexpected ways.
Each week, the Filomeno staff nomi-
nates a team member for the WOW
program; the winner is the proud
owner of a prime parking spot for the
week. The four WOW winners in a
given month are then put into a raffle,
and the winner gets to pick the charity
the team will support the next month.
Team members are allowed to wear
jeans on Fridays for a nominal fee, and
the proceeds for the month are all do-
nated to the chosen charity.
"What I love about this is that even
though we spend a lot of time to-
gether, you don't really get to know
that much about each other, other
than their skill here in the office and
what kind of coffee they like to drink,"
said Kat. "One of our team members
that we chose for last month chose
the Small Paws Foundation [a bichon
rescue group]. Now here's a guy who
you would never know loved bichons.
You'd think he was like a German
Shepherd guy, labs, but he was like
`no, bichons all the way!'"
"Through this, we'll get to know other
team members, more about what they
love and the foundations and the char-
ities they support."
With 50 acts of kindness unfolding this
year, how does Filomeno share its acts
of goodwill with the community, cli-
ents, and friends and family?
Facebook, of course! Each of the 50
acts is documented on the firm's
Facebook page with the hashtag
#filo50, along with photos and details.
"I actually use Facebook to look for
our acts," said Kat, who maintains the
company's page. "What can we do
next? There were probably three or
four of them just on social media alone
that I found, whether it was through
local pages or national pages. We did
the Wholesome Wave campaign where
you take a picture of fruit and I saw
that on Ellen DeGeneres' page. You
never know where you're going to find
Kat acknowledges that social media
can be challenging for a company,
especially getting people to find and
follow your page, but it's an important
piece of staying relevant and showing
current (and potential!) clients and em-
ployees what the company stands for.
"Make it more about everything else
that's happening in the world, the com-
munity around you, instead of you,"
Kat recommends.
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