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Connecticut CPA
July/August 2016
years of his career, he marvels, is now
done by computers.
"Today, you can be much more flex-
ible," he said. "You can change things
much easier; in the old days, if you
had to change a tax return, you had
to change every single line and do
it all by hand, recalculate all of the
limitations by hand. It was really
cumbersome. Today, you put it in the
software and it changes a hundred
things. You don't even see it, it just
happens automatically.
"This has enabled us to be more con-
sultative, to be more advisory, because
you don't spend so much time and ef-
fort actually getting to square one. It
was all about getting the work done in
the old days ... Now it's about taking
the time saved and doing something
productive with it."
Celebrating 50 Years with 50 Acts
Last summer, the Filomeno staff spent
a day cleaning and organizing. As they
opened filing cabinets and closets,
they discovered that they had more
colored paper, staplers, and scissors
than they could use in the next 50
years especially, laughed "Director
of Fun" Kat Plourde, "since we're pa-
perless." Tom remembered that Saint
Brigid School in West Hartford was al-
ways looking for donations.
When Kat called the principal at the
school, "I could hear her screaming
from here," she remembered, laugh-
ing. When staff members dropped off
the first of two donations, the ladies in
the school's office tearfully told them
they'd always had to share scissors.
"We said, you know, it wouldn't be that
hard to do this 49 more times!" said Kat.
"So the acts of kindness were born. We
had been talking for a long time about
what we could do to commemorate the
50 years and it just seemed like, with
our culture and our love for community,
it was the perfect fit."
As of press time, the Filomeno staff has
completed 23 acts of kindness ranging
from purchasing 50 cups of coffee for
the first 50 patrons at the local Dunkin'
Donuts to raising more than $1,800
and braving a cold, rainy day for the
American Heart Association's Hartford
Heart Walk (Tom's personal favorite act
so far).
Director of Operations Tina Faggaini
is looking forward to another act she's
coordinating: working with Kohl's
Getting Social.
Each of the 50 acts is documented on the firm's Facebook page with the hashtag #filo50.
To follow along, visit, search for Filomeno & Company, P.C., and hit "Like" at the top of the page.
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