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On April 1, 1966, just two weeks be-
fore the tax filing deadline, Joseph
Filomeno hung out his CPA firm shin-
gle in West Hartford.
On April 1, 2016, Filomeno & Com-
pany, P.C. celebrated 50 years in the
accounting profession.
Current Filomeno & Company Presi-
dent Tom Filomeno was proud to
follow in his father's footsteps. When
did that partnership officially start?
"Fourth grade," Tom laughs. "I was at
the dinner table hearing all the stories
about the clients, hearing all the sto-
ries about the work, the people, the
issues. I joke about it, but it is really
true, it was really a lot of on-the-job,
at-the-home training." Tom worked at
the firm throughout high school and
college before starting full-time at the
firm after graduation.
In the early days of the firm, Joe had
another partner and a staff of six; today,
the firm stands at about 20 employees
still enjoying the same cornerstones
Joe embraced half a century ago.
"It's always been about the people,"
Tom said. "[My dad] always said to
us, `Take care of the people. Take care
of the clients, take care of the people
who work at the firm.' Those are both
our number one priorities. That will al-
ways be the same."
That focus may remain, but the big-
gest changes over the years undoubt-
edly stem from technology. Most of the
work Tom did in the first two or three
By Caitlin Bailey O'Neill, Assistant Editor
Filomeno & Company
Celebrates 50 Years with
50 Acts of Kindness
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