5 Reasons Why You’ll Love CPAMix You’re on Facebook and LinkedIn. Why do you need another social media website? Because this one’s different. This one is yours. Developed for CTCPA members, CPAMix is bringing your reallife connections to the digital realm and making communication with your peers easier than ever. 1 You don’t need to remember another username and password. Who needs another password to remember? Log into CPAMix with your existing CTCPA username and password. (If you’re already logged into our website, you won’t even need to log in again!) 2 We’ve done the work for you on your profile. We already know who you are, where you work, and your professional interests. So we started your profile for you. You can always tell us and your peers more – upload a photo, share your blog, or link to your other social media profiles – but we’re giving you a head start. Get in touch with old and new friends – while keeping your privacy intact. 3 4 You can drop any CTCPA member an email – without knowing his or her email address or revealing yours. All messages are sent through the website, protecting your privacy. Communicating with your fellow committee members is a snap. Remember the old days of listservs, when you could send an email to one email address and a copy would be sent to every member of a committee? With CPAMix, you can do the same thing … but better. You can respond to messages both on the CPAMix website and by hitting the reply button on your email, but all messages will automatically post back to that committee’s online hub, giving you a complete, permanent archive of your committees’ discussions and shared documents. Finding people who share your interests has never been easier. 5 We’ve got committees for major areas of specialization like federal taxation and not-for-profits. But what if you’re looking for a study buddy for the CPA Exam, or struggling with a complex specialized issue? Look for a group. Groups are a great way to bounce ideas off of other people and get answers. If you can’t find a group to meet your needs, you can create one! www.ctcpas.org/CPAMix a Questions? Contact CTCPA Communications Coordinator Caitlin Bailey O’Neill at caitlinb@ctcpas.org. Connecticut CPA July/August 2013 23 g