www.ctcpas.org/CPAMix Get in the mix – the CPAMix! Introducing CPAMix – the brand-new social media component of www.ctcpas.org! Whether you think of it as your interactive member directory or Facebook for CPAs, this is the place to keep tabs on your committees, pose questions or offer advice to CPAs in specific areas of specialization or expertise, or send private messages to other members. With My Groups, you can view and communicate with CTCPA committees or populations you’re a member of and CPAMix user groups you choose to join. My Profile comes pre-populated with information from our database, for your convenience. But tell us more! Upload a photo, add links to your social media channels, and even write a blog post. My Contacts includes up to 6,000 CTCPA contacts you’re already connected to, whether it’s through committee work or shared business interests. My Company offers a quick connection to the people you work with each day. It’s easy to share resources, documents, and discussions – perhaps even a blog. 22 www.ctcpas.org