ETF Scholarship Winners Where are they now? Edward LaMarre Colleges and Majors Accounting – Manchester Community College (May 2011) Accounting – University of Saint Joseph (May 2013) Educational Trust Fund Scholarships Outstanding Community College Accounting Student Award (2011) Junior Award (2012) Where are you doing right now? I just graduated from the University of Saint Joseph and started working for Futurity First Insurance Group in Rocky Hill as a staff accountant. How did your ETF scholarships impact your academic career? They gave me confidence as well as pride that all my hard work had paid off. It validated all that I worked so hard for. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I graduated high school in 1993 and quit my job of eight years to go back to college after being out of school for 15 years. I was an average student at best in high school and didn’t see the importance of an education. What unique work or life experiences did you bring to your studies? I was able to appreciate school and the opportunity it would give me if I could succeed at a high level. I knew it was the only way I could change my future. I would have been stuck in dead-end jobs for the rest of my life, and I wanted to change that for me and my family. I wanted to be proud of what I did in college, and that is what drove me to succeed. I wanted to do something I loved for the next 25 years. I knew if I could be an accountant, it would not feel like work but a career. Have you had any influential professors? I have had several! Professor Georgia Buckles taught me to work hard even when things get hard. Professor Marie Kulesza was always willing to listen and help me with any problem. Professor Eric Chen only expected the best from me and nothing less. Professor Steven Jarett taught me to just be me and everything would work out. Have you had any work/internship experience? I have had three internships. At ESPN, I was a tax intern and the experience showed me what it was like to work in the corporate world. America Business Telephone taught me how hard it is to run a small company in this economy and all that is needed to succeed. BlumShapiro opened my eyes to how hard you must work and pay attention to details in a public accounting firm. What is your five-year plan? I would like to study for and pass the CPA Exam, and then return to school to get my master’s degree. What advice do you have for other accounting majors/aspiring CPAs? Network with people. It is an important tool that people must learn. It has opened up so many opportunities for me. LaMarre recently gave the keynote address at the 2013 Community College Accounting Scholarship Luncheon (see more on opposite page), encouraging awardees to continue on to obtain their bachelor’s degrees in accounting. Apply for ETF Scholarships! Get in on the action! Download application forms for these scholarships after August 15 at Frank Frago Community Service Award Scholarship Candidate’s Award Children of CTCPA Members Scholarships Diversity Scholarship “I would have been stuck in dead-end jobs for the rest of my life, and I wanted to change that for me and my family.” Connecticut CPA July/August 2013 g 11