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On April 27, the American Institute of
CPAs held the first two in a series of
"CPA Horizons" grassroots meetings
for CPAs to share their insights on the
future of the profession. The sessions
took place at the CSCPA Education
Center, one of only eight sites selected
nationwide for these discussions.
In the late 1990s, the AICPA and the
state CPA societies cooperated in
bringing together CPAs from across
the country to develop an unprece-
dented grassroots vision for the pro-
fession for the 21st century and
beyond. The CPA Vision Project iden-
tified the profession's core competen-
cies, core values, and core services.
Although the core purpose that
emerged from the CPA Vision Project,
"CPAs: Making sense of a complex and
changing world," still holds true today,
the profession's environment and land-
scape have changed dramatically.
CPA Horizons 2025 is the next step in
the CPA profession's effort to anticipate
and plan for the future vis a vis a formal
consideration of how the forces chang-
ing the world will change the profession
in the years ahead.
CPA Horizons 2025 is reaching out to
CPAs across the country, as well as to
regulators, state societies, futurists,
and young professionals at the start of
their careers for their insight on how
four major global environmental factors
politics/regulation, economics, social/
human resources, and technology
will affect the CPA profession.
CSCPA Hosts AICPA's "CPA Horizons 2025" Debut
By Mark Zampino, CSCPA Public Affairs Director
Making the Horizons Project Happen
CPA Horizons 2025 will build upon the foundation the CPA Vision
Project built in 1998, validate the findings, evaluate the accom-
plishments, and discuss where the profession goes in the future.
CPAs can learn more about CPA Horizons at
and also participate in a survey on these issues.
Discussion Leader Tom Hood provides a
quick recap of the conditions prevalent
during the first CPA Vision Project in 1998.
(from left) Jean Tucker, Michael Weinshel, and Greville G Liburd complete a questionnaire as part
of the group exercises.
Arleen Thomas, AICPA Senior Vice President Member Competency & Development,
welcome participants to "CPA Horizons 2025."