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CSCPA member Jeffrey Cheney, a
manager with Kostin, Ruffkess & Company
(foreground) shares a lighter moment with
Department of Revenue Services (DRS)
Commissioner Kevin Sullivan when the
two appeared on WTIC-AM's April 10
"Face Connecticut" show hosted by
Sam Gingerella (not shown).
Lawrence J. Gramling, CPA, Ph.D.,
Assistant Department Head, Department
of Accounting, UConn School of Business,
presents the fourth annual Forensic
Accounting Services Scholarships to
UConn accounting students Audrey
Manning (left) and Danielle Wood.
Cheney Appears on WTIC-AM
Forensic Accounting Services Awards Scholarships
Forensic Accounting Services, LLC in Glastonbury recently
awarded two scholarships to University of Connecticut stu-
dents who have shown an interest in forensic accounting.
The students, Danielle Wood of Shelton and Audrey
Manning of Stamford, are both seniors enrolled in the
accounting program at the University of Connecticut School
of Business.
"Once exposed to what forensic accounting entails,
students often find the desire to pursue this field of work,"
said Stephen Pedneault, principal and founder of
Forensic Accounting Services, LLC. "My way of supporting
these students and helping them cultivate their passion for
the field is by offering these scholarships. It is very reward-
ing for me to be involved in the accounting program and
students' career choices."