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CAAS 2011-2012
Officers Elected
CAAS is pleased to announce its 2011-2012 board
of directors and officers as follows: Richard
of Merrick & Associates, LLC in
Manchester will serve as president. Lamar Fife of
Henkel in Rocky Hill will serve as vice president.
Michael Blezard of Pue, Chick, Leibowitz &
Blezard, LLC in Vernon will serve as treasurer.
Patrick McMahon of Fulco, DiTommaso,
McMahon & Company, P.C. in Newington will
serve as secretary. CAAS thanks all of them for
their continued service.
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CAAS Corner
By Jack Collins, Executive Director
Community Accounting Aid & Services, Inc.
965 East Main Street
Meriden, CT 06450-6006
Phone: 203-235-2333, ext. 7146
Three of the four newly elected 2011-2012 Community Accounting Aid and Services
(CAAS) officers break from their annual meeting for a photo op outside the CAAS
office in Meriden. From left are Secretary Patrick McMahon, President Richard
Merrick, Treasurer Michael Blezard, and Executive Director Jack Collins. Missing
from the photo is Vice President Lamar Fife.
Fall Adult Education Programs
The fall 2011 semester of adult education programs on busi-
ness start-up basics will begin during September and run
into November. Most programs involve four two-hour ses-
sions which are usually presented from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
one night per week. The courses are provided through the
adult education programs in various communities. CAAS'
book, Starting a Small Business in Connecticut, will be used
as the core text. A PowerPoint presentation is available as
a framework for each of the sessions. If you would like to
instruct one of our existing courses or establish a new
course, please contact CAAS.
Additional instructor opportunities are available teaching
three-part "Basic Business Financials" courses and a two-
part "Business Taxes" course for the Community Economic
Development Fund. The sessions run from 6:30 to 9 p.m.
The fall courses will be held in seven locations. Course out-
lines and materials are available. If you are interested or
would like more information, please contact CAAS.
CAAS Volunteer Reminder
CAAS clients are referred to our volunteers after an applica-
tion process to ensure that the scope of the requested assis-
tance and the criteria for service meet CAAS' mission and
income requirements. The request is normally for a specific
service. When it is completed, that service case is closed. If
additional service is needed, please have the client contact
CAAS so that the new request can be processed as the orig-
inal one was. Volunteers working on approved CAAS cases
are covered by our Volunteer's Liability Insurance.
Occasionally clients will contact the volunteer directly; this
bypasses our process and causes information and coverage
to be lost.
Volunteer service is the essence of CAAS. Please help us
to record that service and provide our services to you.