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Pledge Pages
Administration of U.S. Uniform CPA Examination Abroad Set for August
andidates will be able to sit for the U.S. Uniform CPA
Exam internationally for the first time this August.
The exam will be offered in Japan, Bahrain, Kuwait,
Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates as a service to for-
eign nationals in response to rapidly escalating internation-
al demand for U.S. CPA licensure.
In 2010, more than 10,000 international candidates traveled
to the U.S. to take the U.S. Uniform CPA Exam, a 22 percent
increase from 2009. Nearly one-third of international candi-
dates came from Japan.
The international CPA Exam, which will be offered in English,
is the same as the U.S. CPA Exam administered by the
American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), National Association of
State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), and Prometric in the
United States. Future testing months during which the CPA
Exam will be administered in Japan and the Middle East will
be November 2011 and February and May 2012.
Licensure requirements for international candidates are the
same as for U.S. CPA candidates. Along with passing the
Uniform CPA Exam, international candidates must meet
educational and experience requirements as mandated by
U.S. state boards of accountancy.
Registration for the international CPA Exam may be made
through certain U.S. state boards of accountancy offering
eligibility for international candidates, including Connecticut.
An international testing FAQ sheet including a list of partici-
pating state boards and information about fees is available
at the AICPA Uniform CPA Examination website
For detailed requirements or to download an application, visit
A Student Pledge:
Is a full-time undergraduate student or
Is a full-time graduate student taking a minimum of
12 credits per semester.
A CPA Candidate Pledge:
Works in a firm
Has had a bachelor's degree for no more than five years
Has not yet passed the CPA Exam
Who can become a CSCPA Pledge?
CPA Exam Goes International
Find out more at AICPA Uniform CPA Examination website
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