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f you have been encountering sys-
temic issues with the IRS, I'd like to
tell you a little about the Issue
Management Resolution System
(IMRS) and what it can do for tax
IMRS is part of Communications,
Liaison & Disclosure in the IRS's
Small Business/Self-Employed divi-
sion and is designed to help tax cus-
tomers communicate their issues
directly with the IRS. IMRS provides
a gateway for industry representa-
tives to bring forward information
about tax policies, practices, and pro-
cedures that may negatively affect
compliance and quality customer
service for the American public.
IMRS does address systemic prob-
lems that deal with policy and proce-
dures, such as;
Conflicting policies
Unclear or confusing procedures
Processing problems identified
and addressed
IMRS does not process legislation
changes or specific taxpayer issues.
Each quarter we will collect the issues
you and other industry representatives
raise and share them in a report.
Visit and search for
"IMRS" to view the most recent IMRS
report. Since we focus on systemic
issues, our responses may be of inter-
est to you.
The IRS Issue Management Resolution System
We want to hear from you!
By Joseph McCarthy, IRS Senior Stakeholder Liaison
Do you have
tax filing issues?
I'm listening.
If you would like to submit an
issue, learn more about IMRS or
what other types of tax-related
information we can share with
you, contact me at:
c/o Joseph McCarthy
135 High St.
Hartford, CT 06103
203-415-1015 Cell
860-756-4431 Office