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How Do I Scan a QR Code?
You'll need a smartphone or other device (like an iPad 2) with a
built-in camera.
Many smartphones (including Android, Nokia, and Blackberry) now
come with a QR code reader pre-installed. If your device doesn't
have QR code reader, there are hundreds of available applications.
Here are a couple ways you can install one:
1. Search your device's app store for "QR Code Reader."
You should find several free apps. Choose one and install it.
2. Visit a website such as Kaywa (,
ScanLife (, PercentMobile
(, or others with your mobile
device and download and install a QR code reader.
Open the reader and hold the device's camera over the QR code to
read it. You'll be taken directly to a web page or other content.
Give it a Try!
Download a QR code reader app for your
smartphone and then snap this code!
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