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The buzzword of 2010 and 2011
certainly seems to be "the cloud." The
problem with these sweeping trends
and buzzwords is that they tend to be
driven far more by emotions, whether
they be the positive emotions of the
tech companies and their "early
adopters" or the bah-humbug negative
emotions of the "laggards." This makes
it difficult for anyone who wants to give
the matter some serious, rational
thought to gather any helpful informa-
tion and make a decision about
whether the trend is truly useful or just
a lot of hot air.
My hope for this article is not to push
the trend in one direction or the other.
Rather, I'd like to focus on a few spe-
cific aspects of cloud computing,
namely cloud-based storage and
cloud-based file transfer, and explain in
layman's terms both how they work
and why accountants may want to con-
sider them.
Ultimately, all decisions about technol-
ogy and life boil down to risk vs. reward
and value vs. cost the key is having
good information to make the best
decision for you.
To start with, let's look at why cloud-
based backups and file transfer sys-
tems (also often referred to as client
portals) have emerged. I can share a
few examples from my own life to start.
When I graduated from Duke University
back in 2000 (UConn fans can stop
reading now if you just got sick to your
stomach but hey, you won this year,
congrats!), I began working for my
mentor, Augie Turak, at the software
company he had founded. I was also
deeply involved with a local nonprofit
whose office was next door to ours, and
Who's Crazy?
The People Who Use `The Cloud'
or the People Who Don't?
By Ed Cheely
echnology companies have an annoying habit of spending millions of dollars
to promote buzz words. It would seem that these buzzwords are designed to
drive tech companies' potential customers into such a state of awe that they
find themselves compelled, like moths to flame, to buy into the "next big thing"
whatever that next big thing happens to be at the time.
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