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tronic workflow rules that may be in
place, the application may automatical-
ly place the sales order on hold until
the credit limit issue is resolved; more-
over, a notification could be sent direct-
ly to the credit manager and the sales
representative informing them of this
potential issue associated with accept-
ing the order.
By implementing electronic workflow in
today's paperless office, the number of
"dropped balls" an organization experi-
ences should decrease significantly.
Archiving Email to Facilitate
Compliance with the Federal
Rules of Civil Procedure
Managing email and archiving email
according to corporate policy is poten-
tially one of the biggest issues lurking
for organizations of all sizes. Recent
changes to the Federal Rules of Civil
Procedure mean that, as a best prac-
tice, businesses of all sizes should
develop an email retention policy and
take measures to ensure that all email
is retained as specified in that policy.
Failing to do so can cause organiza-
tions to lose emails that may help to
prove a position or exonerate them
from a claim.
Likewise, failing to produce relevant
email under a subpoena can also
prove to be costly to the organization.
Fortunately, in today's paperless office,
many document management systems
automatically integrate with a compa-
ny's email system, helping to ensure
that emails are captured and stored
according to the organization's reten-
tion policy.
Of course, the listing above is by no
means meant to be an exhaustive
examination of all of the ways that
today's paperless office allows organi-
zations of all sizes and in all industries
to become more efficient. Rather, it
should serve as a starting point to help
you realize if there is untapped paper-
less potential in your organization.
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