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Has your organization embraced the
paperless office? Many respond in the
affirmative when asked this question.
After all, investments in scanners,
PDF software, and perhaps a docu-
ment management system have
allowed organizations in all industries
and of all sizes to electronically store
and retrieve documents that formerly
were committed to paper and stored in
filing cabinets.
If that describes your organization,
then "yes," you have begun moving
toward a paperless office.
But technological innovation and a
stumbling economy moved the cheese,
and if electronically storing and retriev-
ing documents is the sole focus of your
organization's paperless efforts, then it
is quite likely that many of the benefits
of today's paperless office are not
being realized.
While electronically storing and retriev-
ing documents is the right first step on
the path to the paperless office, in
today's environment it is only that a
first step. Organizations that are reap-
ing the benefits of today's paperless
office and realizing the promised return
on their investment in paperless tech-
nologies are moving into areas that,
even just a few years ago, were thought
to be unrealistic. In addition to electron-
ically storing and retrieving documents,
today's paperless office, as embraced
and implemented by leading organiza-
tions, often includes one or more of the
following components.
Controlling Access to
Sensitive Information
Going paperless can and should
enhance the security of documents
and the sensitive information contained
advocacy community education
Today's Paperless Office
Moving Beyond Just Storing and Retrieving Documents
ot long ago, for many organizations, the term paperless office was a
metaphor for replacing filing cabinets with hard disks full of PDF files.
The early focus on the paperless office was that it served as a strategy for
replacing the file room.
Unfortunately, that is where many organizations are stuck today, and
because of that, they are not realizing the potential return on investment.
Today's paperless office offers so much more, so today is a great time to
revisit what "paperless" means to your organization.
By Thomas G. Stephens Jr., CPA, CITP