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Foreign education must be translated into American credits and broken
down by subject. Questions relating to foreign transcripts can be
obtained from NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation
Mail completed forms, paperwork, and application fee via certified mail
Department of Consumer Protection
Connecticut State Board of Accountancy
165 Capitol Ave.
Hartford, CT 06106
Don't forget to keep copies for your records!
If you have passed the CPA Exam in another jurisdiction and are seeking
reciprocal licensing, you will need:
SBA-11 Application.
SBA-12 Experience verification.
SBA-007 out of state verification of licensure and exam grades.
(Note: If an applicant has 5 of the immediate 10 years working in public
accountancy, transcripts and an ethics exam are not required.)
If an applicant does not have 5 of the immediate 10 years
working in public accountancy
, the applicant will need to submit the
AICPA ethics exam
(with a grade of 90% or better) and transcripts
verifying 150 credit hours
(which must include, at minimum, 36
credit hours in accounting, 30 credit hours in economics and/or
business administration,
and 60 credit hours in general education.)
Note: You'll renew your Connecticut CPA license or certificate yearly with
the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy between October 1 and
December 31. The State Board of Accountancy will contact you when it is
time to renew.
The information above is provided by CTCPA as a summary based on information
from the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy, and is current as of July 2016.
Please contact the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy if you have questions
about your own specific circumstances at
, or call 860-713-
6100 (in Hartford area and outside of CT), or 1-800-842-2649 (toll free in CT); or visit
web page for more information.