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In deciding which option to pursue to meet Connecticut's educational
requirements to sit for the CPA Exam and/or be licensed, there are a
number of items that candidates should take into consideration when
deciding which course of action and which program is best suited to your
needs. Below are some factors that candidates may wish to consider
when making this decision:
Cost/scholarship and other financial support - Look into the costs of
various programs and start thinking about how you'll be paying for
your education. And of course, never turn away free money -
research and apply, apply, apply for available scholarships.
Program size - Consider the size of a typical class at the school of your
choice. Is it a cohort program or individual program? Does that mesh with
your preferred and most comfortable learning environment?
Full-time or part-time/daytime vs. nighttime classes - Look into
whether a school offers full- and/or part-time programs and what times
classes are generally available. If time is of the essence and you want to
make school your 9-5, then a full-time program may be ideal, but if you
prefer to keep your day job, perhaps a part-time program may be the
most (cost) effective way for you to go.
Summer programs vs. semesters only vs. year-round - Again, think
about your schedule and timing. What type of program gives you what
you need to complete your education in a manner that meshes with your
Live vs. online instruction - Consider whether a program offers both or
either and which instructional method works best for you.
CPA Exam support/readiness - You are committed to completing the
requirements to sit for the CPA Exam and to obtain your certification. Be
sure the program in which you are enrolled supports these goals, too; is
well-informed about state CPA licensing and certification requirements,
and, of course, is accredited by a body acceptable to your state board of
School Faculty - What is the reputation of the school, department, and
faculty among the business community and academia? How much access