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The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, with a
current membership of approximately 6,000 individuals in public
practice, in business and industry, in government, and in
education, is the only statewide professional membership association
for present and future CPAs. It is governed by a seven-member
Board of Directors and 30-person volunteer Advisory Council. The
mission of the Connecticut Society of CPAs is to be the professional
association in Connecticut that promotes and supports state
CPAs through Advocacy, Community, and Education.
CTCPA was formed by nine CPAs in New Haven in 1908 "to
establish such standards of integrity, ability, and professional
conduct that the business public will forever trust their members,
all of whom must be CPAs." Today, some 108 years later, CTCPA's
primary function has expanded to include providing continuing
education opportunities (courses sponsored by CTCPA, including
seminars, major conferences and a variety of technical morning
and evening sessions, registering some 75,000 hours of
attendance annually), a comprehensive practice peer review
program, a variety of membership services for CPAs in
Connecticut, and clear, strong, and forward-looking leadership for
the profession.
Connecticut CPAs are integral to the socio-economic fabric of our
state. In addition to serving as independent and objective advisors to
individuals and businesses, they are active as volunteers in their
communities, providing their expertise gratis to myriad charities,
causes, civic groups, foundations, and other not-for-profit
organizations. Community Accounting Services (CAS), the
Connecticut CPA profession's organized outreach program, numbers
more than 200 CPA volunteers who provide free accounting
advice and services to economically disadvantaged businesses
and individuals. CTCPA members also visit Connecticut schools to
speak about the CPA career path, write articles and answer tax
and financial management questions for a wide variety of the
state's print media, and appear on television and radio to provide
that same advice.
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