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Student members
save big on CPA Exam
review materials from a
number of providers.
Listing your CTCPA Student member-
ship on your resume will set you apart
and show potential employers that
you're serious about becoming a part
of the CPA profession.
With the Become a
CPA in Connecticut

guide, we lead you
in a step-by-step
approach on how
to become a CPA
in Connecticut. The annual Guide
to Connecticut CPA Employers
graduate programs.
Become a CTCPA Student Member
The Connecticut Society of
(CTCPA) is the statewide
professional membership
association for present and
future CPAs.
CTCPA members work in all
areas of accounting, from
business and industry to
government and education.
Student membership allows
this community of CPAs and
meet other new professionals
like yourself.
The CTCPA Student
CONNection enewsletter,
Connecticut CPA
magazine, and other
communications provide
you with the inside scoop
from the latest in industry
trends to CTCPA events.
Membership earns you invitations to
fun public service and social events
with our New and Young Professionals
Group have a great time while
making valuable connections and
even impressing potential employers!
Our resume hub
allows you to post
your resume in an
exclusive database,
giving you the edge
over nonmembers.

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