Surgent's The Complete Guide to Partnerships and LLCs




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12.0 Credits

The purpose of this course is to understand the tax advantages of conducting business in an innovative way through an LLC or partnership. This course discusses the tax issues of an LLC and a partnership from formation to liquidation. The material is vital for all practitioners in the business and investment sectors.


  • Understand the tax advantages of conducting business through an LLC or partnership
  • Discuss the tax issues of an LLC or partnership from formation to liquidation

Major Topics

  • All the legal implications of an LLC and the differences in various state law treatments
  • Formation issues, including the new regulations on disguised sales and contributions of appreciated property
  • Design features and pitfalls, including special allocation issues, different classes of ownership interests, and articles of organization issues
  • Operating issues, including cash flow, debt allocation, tax basis, and distribution issues
  • When to use an LLC or partnership for joint ventures and real estate opportunities
  • Sale and liquidation advantages of LLCs and partnerships
  • New regulations on disguised sales and `bottom dollar' guarantees

Designed For

All CPAs who want to learn about the newest and, in many cases, the best way to conduct business
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