Surgents Microsoft Excel 2013: Create & Format Charts Using a Touch Screen




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4.0 Credits

Excel provides a variety of tools you can use to create, format and enhance charts-contextual Ribbon tab buttons, menus and galleries, shortcut menus, keyboard shortcuts, task panes, and more. This course allows you to explore using these tools to create and format common chart types. It is ideal for users familiar with Excel 2013 or those who have completed the basic Excel 2013 course. This course emphasizes using finger gestures and the keyboard to perform tasks in the Windows 8 operating system environment - mouse actions are not included.


  • Create, preview and print commonly used charts
  • Format charts using the Chart Elements and Chart Styles buttons
  • Apply chart quick layouts and quick styles
  • Modify a chart's underlying data using multiple methods
  • Reposition and resize an embedded chart
  • Move an embedded chart to its own chart sheet
  • Select and format individual chart elements

Major Topics

  • Identify chart elements
  • Create an embedded Pie chart using Recommended Charts
  • Reposition and resize the embedded Pie chart
  • Create a Clustered Column chart using the Quick Analysis feature
  • Modify the Clustered Column chart's underlying data
  • Move the Clustered Column chart to a chart sheet
  • Preview and print charts
  • Change the chart type and subtype
  • Apply a predefined chart layout and chart style
  • Add, select, and format individual chart elements
  • Add and remove data; change data orientation
  • Create and format a Line with Markers chart
  • Create and format a Stacked Area chart
  • Create and format an exploded 3-D Pie chart
  • Create and format a Pie of Pie chart
  • Create and format a Clustered Column-Line on Secondary Axis combination chart
  • Create and format Sparklines
  • Add pictures and shapes to a chart

Designed For

Users experienced with using Excel 2013 in the Windows 8 operating system environment with a touch-screen, or experienced Excel users switching from earlier versions of Excel.


"Microsoftr Excelr 2013: Getting Started Using a Touch Screen" (GSET) or equivalent experience working with Excel 2013 in the Windows 8 operating system environment with a touch-screen tablet, notebook, or laptop
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