Surgent's Value-Added Internal Control Communications (Audit Skills Tr L6)




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3.0 Credits

In order to retain existing clients, lower fee pressures and gain invaluable referral sources, financial statement auditors must place a priority on being a value-added business advisor. This module will provide tips and techniques for helping clients improve financial reporting, operations and compliance.


  • Describe the importance of making value-added business advice to clients a priority
  • Discuss how to build trust with the client to be a better business advisor
  • Explain how to anticipate and prevent issues that could negatively impact clients

Major Topics

  • Importance of placing a priority on being a value-added business advisor
  • Identifying business advisory matters
  • Anticipating and preventing internal control issues related to reliable financial reporting, operational efficiency or compliance
  • Communicating financial analysis
  • Tips for cross-selling additional services

Designed For

Accountants with business advisory and client service responsibilities on audit engagements.


Experience on complex audit engagements
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