Accountant's Liability: Positioning Your Firm for Success (Morning Session)




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4.0 Credits

How do you view professional liability risk management? An administrative burden? A draw on firm resources? What if you viewed risk management in a different light? Strong risk management practices can help establish a solid foundation for your firm and position it for growth and business success. In this course, participants will learn about key professional liability risk management practices that, when implemented, can help mitigate the risk of an accounting malpractice claim and may also help improve business performance.

  • Understand how quality control practices are the foundation for professional liability risk management.
  • Learn ways to strengthen this foundation to improve the firm’s performance.
  • Be aware of claim data by area of practice and understand implications for the firm.
  • Recognize risk exposures by area of practice and learn risk management strategies to improve service delivery and mitigate risk

Major Topics

  • Practice Management
  • Audit and Attest Services
  • Tax Services
  • Client Accounting Services
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