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Malloy now projects slight CT budget surplus for last fiscal year
After facing a projected deficit of nearly $400 million three months ago, Connecticut may have ended the last fiscal year with a slight surplus, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration reported Thursday.
Malloy, legislators struggle over uncertain path to a budget
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Democratic legislators are struggling to frame a budget deal that requires Malloy to compromise on taxes, liberals to accept structural changes in municipal aid and moderates to embrace a new labor deal.
Employee Unions Endorse Concession Deal by Huge Margin, 83 to 17 Percent
State employee unions have overwhelmingly approved a $1.5 billion package of concessions over two years, providing major savings to help close the state budget gap and setting the stage for a tight vote by the legislature.
Governor Malloy signs Public Act No. 17-147, An Act Concerning State Taxation and Collection, Tax Gap Compliance, Tax Preparers and Facilitators, Changes to the Tax and Related Statutes, a Mental Health Community Investment Account and Municipal Bonds.
Governor Malloy has signed a new law, Public Act 17-147, portions of which make numerous changes concerning the Department of Revenue Services' (DRS) tax enforcement mechanisms and powers. The new law itself can be read here . The Office of Legislative Research’s summary of Substitute House Bill 7312, portions of which became the elements of Public Act 17-147 that deal with the Department of Revenue Services as referenced above, can be read here . Some background on the...
Governor Malloy signs Public Act No. 17-105, An Act Concerning Revisions and Technical Changes to the Tax and Related Statutes and Certain Exemptions from the Property Tax
Governor Malloy has signed a new law that makes changes to existing tax and related statues. The following is a summary of those changes as prepared by the Office of Legislative Research. Of interest are certain exemptions to the property tax as appear below.
Gov. Malloy Signs Executive Order to Continue Funding State Government While Budget Talks Continue
Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced that due to legislative inaction on a budget to take effect at the start of the fiscal year on July 1, he has signed an executive order to ensure the continued, efficient operation of state government until a new, two-year state budget has been signed into law.
Gov. Malloy’s Prepared Remarks from Today’s News Conference Regarding the State Budget
Governor Dannel P. Malloy delivered the following prepared remarks during a news conference this afternoon at the State Capitol regarding the state budget:
State Budget Update: House, Senate Democrats unable to agree on provisional budget
Connecticut’s prospects of enacting a state budget — even a provisional one — before the new fiscal year begins July 1 appeared to slip away late Monday night as House and Senate Democrats were unable to agree on a path forward.
State Budget Update: Malloy proposes $300M in new revenue to mitigate cuts during CT budget gridlock
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy asked legislators to consider nearly $320 million in revenue increases to mitigate the massive cuts he would be forced to impose if Connecticut enters the new fiscal year Saturday without a budget. But even if those steps are taken, Malloy outlined deep cuts to municipal aid, social services, hospitals, and public colleges and universities that would occur if he had to run the upcoming fiscal year by executive order.
State Budget Update: OPM Releases Revisions to Resouce Allocation Plan - FY 2018 for Consideration by General Assembly

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