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CT Mirror: Trio of senators defect, vote with GOP to block Dems’ budget
Connecticut’s state budget crisis grew exponentially more complicated Friday as three moderate Senate Democrats bolted their caucus and teamed with 18 Republicans to pass a GOP budget plan that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy vowed to veto as unbalanced and gimmick-ridden.
CT Mirror: Compromise budget deal collapses as midnight approaches
A compromise to end Connecticut’s summer-long budget impasse dramatically unraveled Thursday night as House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, D-Berlin, brusquely acknowledged to reporters he was postponing a vote after a day of cajoling reluctant Democrats.
CT Mirror: Malloy, Democrats close on budget deal
Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy stood on the cusp of a deal Wednesday morning to end Connecticut’s 10-week budget impasse and avert huge cuts in municipal aid three weeks from now, sources said.
CT News Junkie: Legislative Dems Dealing Directly With Malloy; Republicans to Release Budget Today
Democratic legislative leaders made a decision Sunday to negotiate a final two-year budget deal with Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy when they invited him to the state Capitol for a meeting.
CTCPA member Lori Budnick wrote 'State Budget Crisis Hitting Nonprofits Hard' for Hartford Business Journal
With Connecticut's budget stalemate now lingering through the end of summer, the uncertainty and turmoil at the state Capitol has reached levels that people have not seen in decades.
Gov. Malloy Releases Compromise Budget Proposal
The Governor has put forth a compromise budget proposal today in a good-faith effort to get budget talks moving.
Gov. Malloy Previews New Compromise Budget Proposal
Governor Malloy released an overview of guiding principles of a new, compromise biennial budget proposal that he will offer to the members of the Connecticut General Assembly. He also previewed several areas where the administration’s new proposal makes significant adjustments and compromises to reflect both the priorities of various legislative caucuses, as well as affected constituencies, particularly in the area of town aid.
CT News Junkie: Malloy Adjusts His Executive Order, Cancels PILOT Payment & Zeroes Out ECS for 85 Towns
If the General Assembly is unable to pass a budget before October, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy would zero out education funding for 85 communities, reduce education funding for 54 communities, and the state’s 30 neediest communities would receive the same amount of education funding they did last year.
Hartford Courant: Budget Vote Could Be Week of Sept. 11
Legislators are now targeting the week of Sept.11 for a possible vote to end the months-long state budget stalemate.
CT News Junkie: Survey Finds Budget Situation Is Impacting Consumer Confidence
Connecticut residents are beginning to worry about how the lack of a state budget will impact their personal budgets, according to a survey by InformCT. The survey indicates that “it is possible the uncertainty of the state’s budget situation may be contributing to the decreased likelihood of purchasing.”

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