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3 Ways The House And Senate Tax Bills Differ
As the Republican-controlled House continues to make hurried, last minute edits to its tax reform bills before bringing it to a vote, politicos around the nation and the broader world are wondering how said bill will shape up once it’s been through the brutal legislative process. On the top of most bill-watcher’s minds are the variations in the House and Senate’s differing reform bills, which have many onlookers scratching their heads trying to sort out the differences between the two.
CT tax commissioner says GOP plan would force many in state to pay more
Washington – Connecticut Commissioner of Revenue Services Kevin Sullivan says the House GOP tax bill “could provide some economic stimulus…for states like Connecticut,” but he also said the plan is “fundamentally flawed” and that many in the state would end up owing more in federal income taxes.
Details of tax reform legislation revealed
The House Ways and Means Committee released draft tax reform legislation on November 2. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, H.R. 1, incorporates many of the provisions listed in the Republicans’ September tax reform framework while providing new details.

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