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GOP effort to repeal Obamacare dies, but Murphy expects new challenges
While GOP Senate leaders threw in the towel Tuesday on their latest attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Sen. Chris Murphy said he expects new challenges to the Obama-era health care law. Read more from The Connecticut Mirror.
Tax Reform Framework Expected Next Week
Discussions are ongoing between the administration and Congress on how to reform the tax code. Republican leadership in Congress and the White House plan to release a tax reform framework next week. The contents of the framework and to what extent it will focus on policy remains to be seen.
Senate Budget Committee Weighs Tax Cuts Totaling $1.5 Trillion
Senate Budget Committee member Ron Johnson said the panel is considering a budget that would allow for $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that would add to the deficit on a so-called “static” basis over the next 10 years.
The Fed, a Decade After the Crisis, Is About to Embark on the Great Unwinding
The Federal Reserve resorted to a series of shock-and-awe stimulus campaigns to stabilize the economy after the financial crisis. Now the Fed is preparing the final move to unwind its support—and it wants to be as boring as possible.
Military Spending Measure With Billions For Conn. Wins Senate Approval
A nearly $700 billion military spending measure, with billions for Connecticut manufacturers of submarines, jet engines and helicopters, won U.S. Senate backing Monday.
New push to replace Obamacare reflects high stakes for Republicans
A final GOP effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act burst into view this week in the Senate, where leaders began pressuring rank-and-file Republicans with the hope of voting on the package by the end of the month.
White House Puts EEOC's Pay Data Collection Rule on Hold
State Revenue Departments, Employers Adjust To Midyear Changes for Income Tax Rates
States facing budgetary shortfalls and political turmoil have to adjust - and seven states have made changes (some retroactive) that have left employers and revenue departments reeling.
Health Care Bill Collapses
According to a front-page story in the July 18 Hartford Courant, “Two more Senate Republicans have declared their opposition to the latest plan to overhaul the nation’s healthcare system, potentially ending a months’ long effort to make good on a GOP promise that has defined the party for nearly a decade…”
AICPA Sends Tax Reform Recommendations to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hatch
The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) submitted tax reform recommendations to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on July 17 in response to his June 16 call for suggestions from stakeholders.