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Hartford Courant: Connecticut State Senate Approves Changes to State Budget - House to Vote Wednesday
The state Senate voted unanimously Tuesday in special session on budget fixes for the controversial hospital tax and renters’ rebates for the elderly and disabled.
Hartford Courant: State Deficit Reaches $178M
The new state budget was signed on Halloween, but the deficit is already projected at more than $178 million for the current fiscal year.
Regulators Approve Workers' Comp Premium Rate Cuts
Connecticut employers will see their workers' compensation insurance premiums decrease in 2018 for the fourth consecutive year.
State Retirement Plan Mandate Delayed Indefinitely
Connecticut has officially delayed implementation of the state's controversial retirement plan mandate.
Hartford Courant: Malloy Signs Portions of the Budget Bill But Rejects Hospital Tax
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy quietly signed the two-year, $41.3 billion state budget bill Tuesday, but he used his power to veto a section of the nearly 900-page document that related to the controversial hospital tax.
Hartford Courant: What's in the Two-Year Budget
From mayors and energy advocates to senior citizens and teachers, the new two-year, $41.3 billion state budget provides a wide variety of pluses and minuses.
House Approves Bipartisan Budget With Veto-Proof Majority
Gov. Malloy has not said whether he will sign the measure into law, but the margins of victory in both chambers were wide enough to withstand a gubernatorial veto.
Senate Praises Bipartisan Budget, Sends It to House
The state Senate’s 33-3 vote Thursday morning on a $41.34 billion, two-year budget may be one of the final steps in ending an historic four-month budget stalemate. Sens. Gary Winfield, Joe Markley, and Len Suzio voted against the budget.
CT Mirror: Malloy criticizes budget outline
Two days after House and Senate leaders announced an agreement in principle, questions abound about the depth and breadth of spending cuts, the distribution of municipal aid, the source of new revenues, and the extent to which collective bargaining and other labor laws will be changed.
CT Mirror: Legislators announce tentative, bipartisan budget deal
State legislative leaders declared Wednesday they had crafted the framework of a bipartisan deal to end Connecticut’s 110-day budget impasse, while conceding some key details, including distribution of town aid, remained to be resolved.