Becoming a CPA


To sit for the CPA Exam in Connecticut, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree (120 hours) from a four-year accredited school that includes:

  • At least 46 semester hours in the study of accounting and related subjects, including but not limited to business law, economics, and finance.
  • At least 24 semester hours must be in the study of accounting.

To be licensed as a CPA in Connecticut, you’ll need an additional 30 credits for a minimum of 150 credit hours of college education.

  • These credits may be obtained while taking or after completing the exam.
  • A minimum of 36 credit hours must be in accounting (which may include basic or introductory courses).
  • Thirty credit hours must be in economics and business administration.
  • At least 60 credit hours must be in general education.


To become a CPA in Connecticut, you need to check off the four Es:

  1. Education 
  2. Experience 
  3. Exam 
  4. Ethics 
Download our handy cheat sheet.